Checklist voor contracten


Checklist for contracts

Although all contracts can be somewhat different, there are certain contract terms that are among the most commonly included in business contracts. Not all of these provisions will be included in every contract, and most contracts will include additional provisions that relate specifically to their particular subject matter. The following checklist is, however, a basic and general guide as to what provisions it may be important to include, or at least consider, in the business contracts that you enter into.

Identity of the parties

Individuals or business entities?
If businesses, what type? (partnership, corporation, etc.)
Name of person signing on behalf of the business
Signer’s official title
Does he or she have authority to bind the business?
Addresses of the parties

Purpose(s) of the contract

Underlying assumptions

Contract terms

In general
Duties of each party
Rights of each party
Relevant dates
Relevant prices or other dollar amounts
Relevant quantities
Payment terms
Lump sum, COD, installments?
Payment due dates
Late fees


Limitations on liability

Liquidated damages

Confidentiality provision

Indemnification agreement


Arbitration clause

Governing law

Venue of lawsuits involving the contract

Statement that contract constitutes entire agreement

Severability of individual provisions

Signatures of authorized signatories


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