Call for a worldwide open lawyers network, Connecting Lawyers Helping people

I travelled a lot in my life and had the privilege to encounter many people of different cultures all over the world.

Experience learns that globalization is changing our way of life rapidly. An open view to the world and a positive attitude towards

people will allow us to discover and understand the opportunities of globalization.


Globalization means that we all become world-citizens. From a legal perspective it seems to make life more complex.

We are all humans and therefore it is impossible to know all local customs and rules.

And even if you know it is almost impossible to have the knowledge how law is interpreted and applied worldwide.


An OPEN international network makes it possible for Local Lawyers to join forces to challenge the opportunity to help citizens and entrepreneurs all over the world.

To FIND JUSTICE wherever they are or wherever they go. The basis our profession as a lawyer is TRUST.


A Local Lawyer is the best guide and legal coach, she or he:

·          lives were justice needs to be done;

·          knows the Local Laws and Habits;

·          knows the Local interpretation and application of the laws;

·          has personal contact with local Jurisdictions;

·          can judge a case before going to trial.


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